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Teleios | Application | September 2014

Player Info
Name: Alex
Age: 32
Contact: [ profile] reignsdown (or on AIM, gmail, everything)
Characters Already in Teleios: N/A
Reserve: September 8, 2014

Character Basics:
Character Name: Violet Parr
Journal: [personal profile] personalbubble
Age: 14 (birthdate of November 3, 1990 canonically; source)
Fandom: The Incredibles (Pixar movie)
Canon Point: Mid-movie, after Violet apologises for disappointing her mother on the plane; she's donned her mask and changed her hairstyle from the curtain effect of before. (Plus her CRAU development from Singularity.)
Class A: Zero
Class B: Zero
Class C: 7,786 instances comprised of:

- 72 blackmail (of brother, Dash)
- 72 bribery (of brother, Dash)
- 1 child endangerment (leaving Jack-Jack with an underqualified sitter)
- 2 conspiracy (to eavesdrop on parents, to gain edge on parents)
- 2,190 disorderly conduct (due to fights with brother, Dash)
- 1 escaping custody (to follow Dash/mother)
- 72 failure to accept responsibility (blaming brother, Dash)
- 156 invasions of privacy (due to application of invisibility; many accidental)
- 72 acts of manipulation (of brother, Dash)
- 72 prejudice against own kin (towards brothers, Dash and Jack-Jack)
- 180 instances of stalking (for following around her school crush, Tony)
- 1 trespassing (sneaking onto an airfield/plane)
- 72 uses of her abilities to mess with people (against her brother, Dash)
- 72 underhanded means used in a fight (against her brother, Dash)
- 6 counts of vigilantism (her activities in Singularity)
- 4,745 unlawful public use of Superpowers(daily; commencing around age one) **
  • Unlawful public use of Superpowers – Acts which demonstrate superpowers in a setting that risks detection by the public and possible relocation if discovered to be a Super; Violet’s typical case would be turning invisible.

  • GRAND TOTAL: 648 years, 10 months

    Canon Character Section:
         DisneyWiki Source
         Wacky Summary of the IncrediEarth (source: me)

    Violet suffers from that teenaged certainty that she is, by far, the most mature and aloof of her parents' children. Given that the alternatives are Jack-Jack, who's not potty trained, and Dash, who might as well not be (in her opinion)? Yeah, right! Like they could be better than her, I mean, really.

    Based on this attitude, one might conclude that she is a strong, self-assured young lady that is Going Places - this might happen, but it might happen to Future Violet. Presently, the self-assurance is actually her attempt at a youthful, know-it-all arrogance that doesn't quite come out right (if only because she's shy with everyone outside of her immediate family).

    There's also this little matter of self-confidence, which she's not all that intimate with. Constant relocation (due to her father's occasional "oops" moments, like putting a tyrannical boss through a wall) throughout the years and the bleeding effect of her parents feeling awkward and, in her father's case, ashamed with hiding has made her feel like something is off about her. She's at the age where self-realisation dawns and that makes it easier to believe that her presence is part of the problem and that, despite her desperate want to blend in, she can't. This has a wonderful effect on her self-confidence the same way that a wrecking ball does amazing things to the stability of a building.

    This and a snazzy ability to turn invisible at the drop of a hat means that Violet's got avoidance issues and reclusive tactics down to an art. By default, she's shy and a bit socially awkward. Not that standing outside the steps of school to watch your teen crush walk by is a mark of sociopathy so much as Awkward Teenage Romance on the happen. (The fact she turns invisible to avoid being seen in turn's a little weird, but you have to be weird to be a Parr.)

    Mash all that together and you can see Violet's a melting pot in insecurity masquerading as a hopeful normal, because that's all she'd really like to be. Life as a Super is not all that super and she spends most of her time with normal people trying to be just like them. Sure, she gets nervous and turns invisible to hide, but she really just wants to blend in!

    Violet tries, but plenty her attempts to be aloof are foiled by her brother, her parents, or her own self-conscious nature. Robbed of that, she can be petulant and complain about everything that Dash does which annoys her (and that's... everything that he does). Reluctant to divulge how she's feeling, she is also quite skilled at moping and evading questions, but rarely gets upset to the point of lashing out - unless it's on a sensitive point, like the aforementioned desire to be normal.

    Even within her family, Violet just wants to fit in and understand what's going on, though her curiosity is no match for Dash's highspeed inquisitions. Bolstered by said curiosity, she's got no issues with sneaking around the house at night to see what her parents are fighting about because, in her openly stated opinion, the only thing worse than the world being in danger would be her parents' marriage being at risk. They are the core of what she has - something that remains consistent, no matter how many times they relocate, and she'd do anything for them.

    That doesn't mean she'd be particularly good at doing anything for them. Toss her into a volatile, dangerous situation and all her self-control flies out the window faster than a cape caught in a twister. Violet may be a Super, but she's both inexperienced and young - a combination that leads her to panic under duress. It's not an all-consuming fear response, but she does often need an assertive statement or authority figure to snap her out of the panic and into something more focused.

    Hey, much as she won't admit it, she's still a kid.

    But she's a bright one with a good grasp of technology, right down to suggesting how her parents could get a rocket to fly for them, and she's observant enough to catch that a giant robot was controlled by a single remote control. When bolstered by making such valid conclusions, or by positive reinforcement (that she accepts) in general, her focus and self-confidence both increase, sharpening her reflexes and dampening that tendency to panic for a time.

    The hard part is getting her to accept it. Like all teenagers, she's a skeptic against everything that she either hasn't seen herself or doesn't want to believe in. Violet has to be receptive before she'll easily accept a point that she doesn't agree with - if she's not and the point is still pushed? Then no conversation would be complete without her acting dejected and, as noted, moping about it.

    Violet never displays distress about her Super status so much as the impact it, and those of her family, has on her life. She's aware that she's different, but does not brag about it the way that her brother does. This does not mean she's ashamed about it, because she will use her abilities to hide and doesn't show hesitation about practicing her forcefields in new and interesting ways.

    At her initial canon point, she was on the road to be more confident and outgoing, but lacks some of the positive reinforcements and assurances that tie up her story. There was still distance to travel on the road, but she was starting to step a little closer to confident and, through that, being a little more adaptable and a little less socially awkward.

    Teleios – What do you mean, crimes?!
    Violet would be completely bewildered at the idea that any of her actions in the past could be considered crimes. Her father is Mr. Incredible and her mother Elastigirl! There is a legacy of do-gooding that she has to live up to and her parents can never find out that she’s a criminal. All that she did was quarrel with her brother. Oh, and kind of stalk Tony. And, er, is it even fair to persecute her because she has powers and used them? This is so confusing!

    Truth told, it’s likely to mess with her perceptions about whether Supers are actually doing good by interfering with crimes to save the victims. Violet will question the validity of vigilantism, which will work against some of the confidence and assertions she was able to make in Singularity with regards to being a Super and proud of it. She will lack confidence in the idea that she can do anything without it somehow being wrong.

    Tossed into that mix happens to be the loss of her powers, which will wreak havoc with her sense of normalcy; Violet will be confused and out of her element, having had her powers as far back as she can remember. Being without them is like suddenly cutting your hair – it’s a lighter load on her shoulders, but she’ll really miss and feel naked without them.

    Supers vary in abilities, though they tend to be hardier than the average joe (again, excepting Average Joe) on the physical scale - and even this is linked to their abilities. Frozone, who can create ice from the moisture in the air, has is quite cool with the cold, know what I'm saying? Mr. Incredible is shown to bounce like a ball without lasting injury, and Elastigirl? Well, when you're basically made like rubber, there's really not much that can stop you. And "The Dash" (ugh, her annoying brother) has no problem with friction on his skin or the G-forces that his superspeed inevitably plies on him.

    On the scale of Super-hardiness, Violet can be considered a lightweight, as her abilities hardly trigger any great physical stress. Closer to normal in that regard compared to her family, she's hardy enough to take a tumble and keep on running, and can keep running for a while, but anything more than that and she'd be damaged - and can be killed by the same things that kill humans, a fact stressed by her mother.

    Mind, that's not all that she's equipped with.

    On the scale of one to Super, she ranks within the Super end, but her skills are defense-oriented and hardly the Omega level that you hear certain canons talk about. Violet's abilities are reflective of her personality to a degree and are apt to put her in the running for a Super name of Bubble Girl or the Invisible Emo. Yeah, lame. She knows.

    The Invisible Emo:
    At the core of things, Violet starts out as socially invisible in part because of her shy personality and in part because she can turn utterly and completely invisible (clothing not included). Hard to make any kind of first, second, or third impression when no one can see you, after all.

    Great for stealth, or for hiding when you really don't want to be picked to give a speech at the front of the class, this ability is also fully under her control. Violet can decide what parts of her will be invisible, though both of her abilities are linked to her focus - break it or knock her unconscious? Suddenly, a Violet appears!

    On a scale of 1-10, the invisibility's an 11 - all but instantaneous and flawless. On the visual scale, it's like she never existed, though she physically does and could be hit or harmed in this state. Throw mud on her and she'll become visible, but her body does not create a "void" in things like water, suggesting it's a combination of invisibility and environmental camouflage - but you stir up the sediment upstream and it'll build up around her outline.

    Also, no matter how invisible she tries to be, if Violet sneezes, whispers, or makes any form of sound, it can be heard. The invisibility covers her appearance only.

    Bubble Girl:
    Then there's the personal bubble that hundreds of team-building exercises have warned us about. With Violet, it takes a step beyond concept and dives into the very literal realm - she creates little purple-hued, bubble-shaped forcefields that keep things either out or in.

    Where she lacks the physical hardiness, her "bubbles" more than make up for it. They are tangible to those within and without, bulletproof, and perfectly spherical. Nothing penetrated it for the duration of the movie, but the Omnidroid dropping its full weight on her did show that dropping a multi-thousand tonne ball of destruction on it can collapse it and Violet at the same time (knocking her out briefly). By this measure, it's clearly linked to her mental resilience, making it a mind over matter issue.

    Elastigirl (her mother) demanded a plane-sized forcefield to protect them when missiles were fired at them in midair, indicating that Violet could probably make a large one with sufficient belief in self, but that's where her weakness is. Panicked and uncertain, she did not manage it in the air - nor did she manage anything that large for the rest of the movie. At this stage in her development, she'd be able to form one large enough to encase a small car (or flying contraption with heli-razor-blades), but not much more.

    The forcefield can also disrupt other energies, such as the electro-restraints that the Parr's were trapped in by Syndrome. This takes some focus and typically a few tries, but the forcefield she creates is able to cut off the energy within it from the source outside it, effectively severing it.

    One added feature is the anti-gravity within it! Violet is capable of 'floating' within any bubble that she forms around herself, though the bubble itself and other parties within are subject to gravity. No great flights are capable here, but as seen in canon, she can make a pretty handy hamster-ball for her brother to run in.

    Appearance: 01
    Violet's one of those girls that you could call willowy and get away with it. She's got long, almost elegant arms and legs that suggest she'll grow up to match her father's intimidating height, but with her mother's slender build (minus the elasticity). Her hair's thin and black, grown out until it falls past her shoulders; up until recently, she wore it loose and hid behind the curtain of it that fell across her face. Recently (like, an hour ago), she donned a headband and that keeps the worst of it out of her eyes.

    CR AU
    Game You’re Transferring CR from: Singularity - [community profile] singularityrpg - Violet’s Activity Log

    How has your character changed from their canon self?
    Sacrosanct introduced Violet to dozens of people that possessed powers and/or a superhero identity, which caused her to re-evaluate her hesitation in embracing being a Super. Characters such as Magneto and the Scarlet Witch became her friends, the latter helping to guide Violet like a big sister might and the latter questioning her idea that Supers were somehow lesser than the normal people around them. He even helped he pick a name for her superhero identity, inspiring her to quietly assume the title Ultraviolet in the event of needing to commit vigilante actions – which she did on occasion.

    Violet’s confidence grew over the six months she spent on the space station, giving her cause to refine her ability to utilise her powers and leading her to the point that she actually volunteered to help protect and defend others – which added to her crimes here, but that’s a minute detail, really (especially after considering how long of her sentence was due to in-fighting with her little brother).

    Most of all, her time in the game helped to cultivate her ability to ask and answer questions, to explore the world around her. Though she never truly experienced the remainder of her canon, she got to see what an adult version of her was like (studying law and Super rights) as well as achieve much of the personal development that existed in The Incredibles, but she had been drawn away from. It just took a lot longer and the positive influence of many other people than just her family.

    Are they gaining any abilities from their time in game? Did the game setting take something from them?
    The game neither gave nor took anything from Violet, therefore there is no impact to her abilities from Singularity in and of itself.

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